About Us



National Peace Campaign (NPC) is a non-political, non-partisan and non-profit making organization operated by a group of peace activists and scholars. NPC works towards contributing to the establishment of a lasting peace in Nepal addressing the root causes of conflict with a specialized emphasis on political, social, economic and cultural aspects of conflict.


NPC makes policy intervention for peace on the national level; whereas it trains and mobilizes local groups to mediate conflict locally. It carries out research on the themes of objective definition, analysis and understanding of conflict that can work as input on the level of policy intervention.


NPC aims to work towards building a culture of peace with peace as a passion, mission and profession. It believes in a cross-party approach to conflict management that brings together key actors of conflict in dialogue on both the individual and group levels. It coordinates activities to develop and strengthen peace constituencies by working in partnership with the key stakeholders of peace.


NPC envisions a just and peaceful Nepal that has ensured participatory democracy with guarantees of social, cultural and economic inclusiveness; where there is the absence of all kinds of violence; and all peoples have a sense of ownership over the nation-state.


NPC has developed a three-year strategic plan for December 2004 - June 2007:

    1. NPC will have enhanced the skills of key conflict actors and peace constituencies, especially senior and youth politicians, high-level bureaucrats, media persons and Track II peace activists to better analyze conflict and to transform conflicts through dialogue and negotiation.
    2. NPC will have helped peace constituencies to develop informed perspectives for peace processes through conduct and dissemination of research studies.
    3. NPC will have mobilized the available resources and expertise in the areas of training and research in order to build local capacities for peace.


Legal Status


Registered in: District Administration Office, Kathmandu
Registration no: 1023 / 057 / 058
Date: 2058/3/6
Affiliation: Social Welfare Council
Affiliation no: 13850 
Pan no: 301740555