Past Programs

Cross-Party Approach to Conflict Resolution


This project focuses on peace building at the political levels and, later in the project, seeks to link these with other activities and thinking to help create the interconnected web of interests and focus in a society if it is to transform violence into politics. Specific activities of the project will largely be generated by the process of the project and dictated by the prevailing political climate and the Core Group, once established will be poised to take advantage of windows of opportunity as they arise.


The program has begun to develop ideas of conflict resolution and transformation at the political level. It is the intention that this should develop as an informal and discrete cross party political group supported by NPC, owned by the politicians, rather than as primarily a foreign funded project.


Under this program, a series of seminars, meetings and workshops, some facilitated by NPC, some by the external consultant have built up strong relationships between participants and between participants and organizers.