Past Programs

Media and Peace building


The development of media and peacebuilding project is based on interactions with the young journalists from renowned publications houses based in Kathmandu and the need expressed by them for concerning the role of media in conflict resolution and peacebuilding. This project has been developed in response to the demand from young journalists in order to explore the way out to work meet the needs expressed by younger journalists.


The target groups of the program are young journalists from the press and electronic media, representing national and regional coverage. They will represent major newspaper, including dailies, weeklies and fortnightly as well as televisions, radio and FM stations.


The project aims at strengthening Nepali journalistic practice in order to contribute to the emergence of a democratic system, peacebuilding and protection of human rights. The overall objective of the project is to help to develop a group of responsible and more professional younger journalists with specific reference to peacebuilding, conflict resolution and human rights. The strategic advice from the senior journalists will be an added value in order to getting the message through the media as whole.