Past Programs

Incorporating Peoples' Aspirations in the New Constitution


This project has been designed considering the unfolding political developments in the country, which is in a transitional phase of moving from violent conflict to durable peace through the process of democratic constitution-making. Nepal's constitution-making process is a historic opportunity for the people of Nepal to build an inclusive and democratic state. Therefore, this process is especially significant for many social groups of Nepal (e.g., Dalits, Janajatis, women, the Madheshi people of the lowlands etc) which have been historically deprived, discriminated and marginalized. The constitution-making process can be beneficial only if these various groups can actively take part at every stage of this process. Therefore, a strong media campaign aimed at enhancing people's knowledge about constituent assembly can be crucial at this stage to build an inclusive and democratic constitution for Nepal.


The project has following objectives:

  1. to provide knowledge and information to the policy makers and experts about people's views and aspirations on crucial issues related to constituent assembly
  2. to provide knowledge and information to the local people on their roles in the constituent assembly process and how a new constitution though the Constituent Assembly can ensure their rights and fundamental freedoms
  3. to ensure security, recognition, identity, and right to self-governance of the underprivileged and marginalized groups/communities in the future constitution
  4. to contribute to the growth and sustainability of democratic peace in Nepal
  5. to ensure social cohesion and economic development of Nepal


Series of interactions, discussions, dialogues, field observations, airing, media monitoring and sponsored writings have been conducted for ensuring to include people's aspirations in the new constitution. The project is being funded by Misereor, Germany.