Past Programs

Research and Publications


Training Manual: A manual in Nepali, “Conflict Transformation by Peaceful Means: A Handbook for Trainers”, has been prepared and published by the NPC. Even before the publication, a few of the ToT participants used the drafts of the unpublished manual in training in different parts of Nepal. Several more participants are expected to have used the Nepali manual in coming days.


Costs of the War in Nepal: The report has been published in Nepali and English. It is a research study that analyses various dimensions of the costs of the Maoist insurgency in Nepal such as economy, human rights, education and health, politics, and socio-cultural aspect. While the book looks into the prices that Nepal has already paid in course of the eight-year internal war -- a war that is unprecedented in the modern Nepal’s history, it also looks at the external dimensions of the war and presents a possible future scenario if the war is to continue this way.


Peace Negotiations: Experiences of the Past and Challenges of Future: The book published in Nepali analyzes the failed negotiations between the state and the Maoists.

Democracy in Nepal: Prospects and Challenges